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Totem is in fact made up of the Globe, Totem and Pylone attributes, all made with a view to enhancing your visibility.

Globe profiles come in three sizes, 85, 135 and 180mm and thorough research guarantees resistance to all kinds of weather. The system can be used with aluminium composite panels with single and double-sides illuminated signs. Full column visibility is handled by the dibox in combination with aluminium plates, which gives a solid and impressive impression. As always, the whole range of profiles are in stock and can be supplied in mill finish, anodised or in a power coated finish.

Using two Totem clams, with a diameter of 60 or 90mm, you can transform your Outdoor system to grant you extra visibility. The Totem clams can be linked to one another using 2 to 6mm plates that results in an attractive, easy on the eye column. 

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