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Plato is the flagship of multi-functional signage. The attractive designs fit perfectly into small and larger concepts, be they office information signs or larger signs for directions. Plato also offers the flexibility for you to alter signage information yourself at a moment’s notice. Plato is easy to install and brings years of usage.

The benchmark of house signage, Alu-Sign have come up with a timeless design incorporating a clear, curved anodised frame with transparent anti-reflex PVC cover that can be removed with a suction cap. Supplied with designer screws for wall mounting when necessary. No need to remove the frame.

Design and functionality in one

The ‘must have’ for your wall signage with aluminium profiles and a transparent acryl cover that can be removed with a suction cap ranging from 50 through 75, 105, 120,150, 212 to 300mm. Once fixed to the wall, you simply remove the end caps to alter your message. Just as with Plato, there is no need to remove end caps when changing the sign’s message. This contemporary and attractive model can be fitted both vertically and horizontally on any wall with the added benefit that all the sections click together. No need to remove the end caps.


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